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Chuck Knows.

Congrats to the Mr. Charles Woodson winning NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Although you play for the FudgePackers you’re forever a Wolverine. *Puts Rose between mouth*

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GTDS Presents | Producers of The Decade… The REST of The Neptunes [Mixtape]

Via my dude Warren at Good lookin fam!

(And The Winner Is…)

Of course you could make the argument that greats like Kanye West, Just Blaze, Alchemist etc. all made their most memorable music in the past 10 years but none have transcended genres and sound like these two have. There was a moment when the ‘Tunes were responsible for over 60% of the music you heard on the radio, ALL WHILE having these genuinely well produced and written side projects that fell under the radar.

We all know the hits, so I’ll spare you. But lets reflect on The REST of The Neptunes.


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Worldwide Leader in Irrelevant Sports.

We run this shit? Really?

Although I identify myself with my American side more than my Korean, there are observations that I see from my prespective when it comes to sports. I was and raised in the States, watched the US dominate every sport that ever mattered. Seems like the US is at the top of the medal count for the most part in both Summer and Winter Olympics.

With curiosity, I always look up Korea in the medal count. Somehow, that tiny little country does very well in medal counts. How you ask? Koreans LOVE being good at sports that do not matter.

In the Summer Olympics, the medal count consisted of Archery, Badminton, Fencing, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Handball, and Ping-Pong. We’re about as relevant as Enyce clothing. We’re about as relevant as Jerry Rice’s hairline when he was on the Raiders.

Do not want.

On the LPGA money list, (let’s be real, PGA matters, LPGA doesn’t) in the Top 25 golfers on the money list, 9 are Korean, 10 if you count Michelle Wie (And none of them are remotely attractive).

And with the Winter Olympics around the corner, the only sport that Korea medals in is Short Track. Lord knows how this tiny peninsula became the dynasty of the Short Track world, but it seems like it’s the only thing Korea medals in.

Granted, Korea is a great baseball country, a team I respect and am proud because there has been some decent players that have played and are playing in the MLB (SS Choo is a monster). I just hope there will be more Koreans in the MLB in the future to come.

The only relevant Korean in sports besides JS Park.

Korea is a small yet a very proud nation. You’ll meet the most prideful people from Korea. But as a country, we need to progress and become relevant in some more popular sports. The fact that we run archery just helps the stereotype that we’re good at First Person Shooters.

P.S. Don’t get it twisted, reason why Anthony Kim isn’t in this post is because he’s American who happens to be of Korean decent. He was on the Ryder Cup and President’s Cup team, for the US, doesn’t that tell you anything?

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Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller


Designed specifically for Mac, Spin is the perfect all-in-one bundle of digital DJ hardware and software. It offers total control right at your fingertips to mix, scratch, and play music as a DJ would. The djay software seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and transforms your Mac into a full-blown DJ system.

  • Experience the creativity and enjoyment of DJing
  • Easy interface controls the music via djay software
  • All the main features of a mixer and turntable
  • Cue up your track or mix via Spin’s integrated headphone output

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You Can’t Spell C_ck__cker without OSU.

Although it’s been one sided as of late (Eff you Troy Smith), there’s nothing that gets my blooding flowing like OSU/Michigan weekend. Since I was a kid watching Michigan take the field every Saturday afternoon, there’s nothing I hated more than the Ohio State University. Nothing. I hate them more than Jordan Brand hates quality. It’s embedded in my DNA to cheer against the Buckeyes.

As for the game this weekend, I’m not too optimistic. Michigan’s defense looks like they’re playing the 2007-2008 Patriots every week, only bright spot is obviously Graham. Other than that, I expect Pryor to run all over us like a treadmill. Like every other Michigan game this season, I expect us to hang around in the first half then lose composure and get beat like a Travis Barker snare.

The state of Michigan Football is pathetic to say the least. I mean College Gameday is in Tucson this weekend! TUCSON! It wasn’t long ago that a season without a Big Ten title was a failure. Now we’re fighting to get into the Emerald City Bowl. Talk about your fall from grace.

It sickens me to the very core of me seeing OSU win as of late. I will give up my firstborn to see the Blue and Maize come out with a W Saturday. With that said, Go Blue, and Buck the Fuckeyes.


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Hello New World.

First post. This blog will most likely consist of random rants about how I hate Brett Favre, the Jabbawockeez, and lastly, THE Ohio State University. This is all for now.


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